Useful Links

Department of Education - the Dept of Education and Skills website - National Council for Curriculum and Assessment - National Education Welfare Board -  the Revised Primary School Curriculum 1999

General - learning resources for children, parents and teachers - the Internet safety website created by the NCCA - The anti bullying website created by Trinity College, Dublin. - a resource for parents and teachers - The National Council for Special Education - The National Parents Council website - a video to help children from 8 years up to understand what constitutes personal information online. - Centre for Early Childhood Development and Education - National Adult Literacy Agency - Further Education and Training Awards Council - Centre for Talented Youth in Ireland - providing support and a confidential helpline for parents and guardians - The Teaching Council

Curricular Areas








Arts Education

Music - classical music and information on instruments for children - the Parents Association of the Cork School of Music - Cork City Music College - The Academy of Popular Music, Cork - promoting traditional Irish music in Cork

Drama - Drama summer camps for children - Drama, dance and musical theatre school for children

Visual Arts


SPHE - tips on keeping yourself and your children healthy - healthy eating initiative - a support service and helpline for children

Religious Education Religious Education Support Services - Information on the Do This In Memory Programme for First Holy Communion - a database of saints names and information for Confirmation