Health Promoting Schools

St. Vincent's Convent N.S. is a Health Promoting School. We have been working hard on our health promoting activities, and  we are reviewing practices to see in what way we could have a heathier lifestyle and to promote cooperation within the school community.

We try to ensure that we look at ways to help us to remain healthy in mind, body and spirit. One initiative we have undertaken  is centred around healthy eating. Each month of the year, we are trying out a range of healthy homemade alternatives for lunch boxes. Each year the younger children have been helped to make vegetable soup from the vegetables grown in the school garden, as well ashealthy brown bread, Other classes have harvested the new potatoes from the vegetable garden and eaten them with tasty sausages. A number of older classes have made and sampled hummus, smoothies and vegetable juices.


The Junior and Senior Infants made and tasted a range of dips. They cut up healthy vegetables like peppers, carrots, and celery, and dipped them into salsa, yoghurt, tsatziki and hummus. A lot of the children really liked the dips, which was encouraging. These ideas are great healthy options for the children's lunchboxes, and we hope to see them bringing in healthy dips and vegetables soon.