In St. Vincent's, we currently have

  • Fifteen mainstream classrooms
  • Staffroom
  • Principal’s office
  • Secretary’s office
  • Three parents’ rooms
  • Home School Community Liaison office
  • Three Learning Support/Resource rooms
  • Language Support room
  • School library
  • A multipurpose PE hall with a stage
  • Music room
  • Various storage rooms
  • Four big outdoor yards
  • Purpose-built climbing frame for children from 6-12 years
  • Garden with vegetable plots
  • Outdoor basketball court
ICT and Computers

Our school computer room has recently had a huge makeover thanks to the ICT Co-ordinator. We have 25 networked computers in this room as well as a data projector and two laser printers. There is one laptop computer in each classroom, and centrally networked printing facilities Each class in the school has access to the computer room for a set amount of time each week. Here the children have the opportunity to explore a variety of educational software and also to develop their word-processing skills. 

Interactive Whiteboards

Every classroom in St. Vincent's is equipped with a Promethean interactive whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards (IWB's) are the new innovative way for learning and the future of teaching in the classroom. An IWB is a large interactive display that connects to a computer and projector, where users control the computer using a digital pen that makes it 'active'. The teacher/children can write on the display using digital ink and save the work for later. It's a teaching method that motivates and excites children of all learning styles and abilities. Their imaginative world meets learning in a new era of teaching where the world is brought into the classroom and the children become actively engaged. IWB's bring subjects to life and brings a whole new meaning to interactive learning. 

New Horizons Pre-School

New Horizons Pre-school is located in a room on the school premises and is open during school term for the morning session from 8:45 a.m. until 11.45 a.m. and an afternoon session from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. Most of the children will continue their education in St. Vincent's Convent N.S. and it is here that the children get their first taste of what school will be like.

The pre-school caters for 20 preschool children per session under the ECCE Scheme and have an adult to child ratio of 1:10. 

The pre-school is privately run by Ms. Elaine Coffey – O’ Connor and Joanne Cooke.  All childcare staff are fully qualified, and Preschool Regulations 2006 are followed and implemented. The service is regularly inspected by the HSE Preschool Inspection Team. We are members of the Early Childhood Association If you require more information about the preschool, please contact Elaine on 087 - 2953201 or the school office.


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