Home School Community Liaison (H.S.C.L.)


Home School Community Liaison Scheme

St. Vincent's Convent N.S. is part of the Home/School/Community/Liaison Scheme which was initially established in 1990 by the government. Selected schools with high concentrations of pupils with characteristics that are associated with educational disadvantage and early school leaving were invited to join the scheme. Currently, 278 primary schools and 188 schools at second level have joined the scheme. 

For a full description of the aims and objectives of the Home School Community Liaison Scheme, click here.

The Home School Community Liaison teacher in St. Vincent's Convent N.S. is Ms. Deirdre O' Donoghue  and can be reached during school hours at 021-4399896.

Ms. O' Donoghue's duties are many and varied.  Her primary role is the promotion of partnership with parents in the children's learning. She does this through:

  • Organising home visitations to establish bonds of trust with parents and families and supporting parents in the identification of their developmental needs
  • Co-ordinating and facilitating parental involvement in classroom-based schemes such as Kidstalk, Maths for Fun and the Bridging the Gap literacy programmes
  • Inviting parents to take part in gardening initiatives in conjunction with neighbouring schools and community members
  • Liaising with other organisations in the community to promote links with the school and the wider community, including the Lifelong Learning Festival, Cork City Art Link, etc. 


Ms. O' Donoghue supports parents in other aspects of their children's education  as well as their own continuing education by:

  • providing classes for parents in curricular areas so that they can help children with homework
  • arranging classes in English for non English speaking parents and personal development classes such as crochet, gardening, computers etc
  • Facilitiating the provision of certificate courses for parents through bodies such as FETAC and ECDL.

Parents are always welcome to drop in for a coffee and a chat to the Parents Room, which has recently been relocated to Room 5 on the ground floor. There are seating, toilet and tea and coffee making facilities here.
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