A Message from the Principal

You are so very welcome to St. Vincent’s Convent Primary School Website. It is
impossible to capture the special atmosphere of our school without the
soundtrack of daily school-life here which includes children’s voices raised in
song, in play, in laughter and in every possible and wonderful way. But it does
give you a flavour of our school and I hope a taste for more!
I had heard about St. Vincent’s for a very long time before I got here! My
mother was a past pupil of the secondary school (as are my two sisters and I).
Little did I think as I arrived (green as spinach) to the Secondary School at 12
years of age that life’s pathway would lead me here! But it has, and it is my
privilege to be in this position. I have been teaching here in the primary school
since 1988 and in that time I have served as a classroom teacher, as a
Learning Support/Resource Teacher, as the Home School Community Liaison
Coordinator and since September 2014, as Principal.
In their policy statement, the Religious Sisters of Charity, our trustees, state
that “the value and worth of each one, rooted in human dignity and justice will
find its expression in loving care and concern”. This statement underpins our
work here in St. Vincent’s. We view our school as an extension of the child’s
home and we work tirelessly to recreate a caring, compassionate and safe
environment in which to build on the strong foundations set by the parents
and guardians of our pupils. The boys and girls are at the centre of everything
we do. And Yes! Absolutely! The world of St. Vincent’s Convent Primary
School does revolve around the children, and we are very proud of that!
Our highly skilled and experienced staff work diligently to identify and serve
the needs of our pupils and build on their particular strengths and interests.
We aim to equip our boys and girls with agency and a sense of purpose
coupled with the competencies they need to shape their own lives and
contribute to the lives of others. We live in a world that is fast paced and ever
changing. We strive to navigate our pupils through such uncertainty by
developing their curiosity, imagination, resilience and self-regulation. We also
recognise that our future adults need to learn how to care for their own well-
being and the well-being of their families, their friends, their communities and
the planet! And no, we do not work alone! We operate in close partnership with
the Parents and Guardians of the children, with our local neighbouring
schools, and with our communities who have lots to offer to enhance the
learning experiences of the children.
So, enjoy perusing our website and if you would like more information then
please do get in touch.